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Bad Breath...Treat It Naturally

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Why yourself can not detect it?

Getting Rid off Bad Breath for Ever!

Nature Microbial Flora the TARGET

Understanding bad breath or halitosis is fundamental to treat it correctly.  Again Microbe Flora (Mycobiota), is the target, but not the sole root cause.  Again is the "combo" lack of knowledge , plus invisibility of these opportunistic pathogens.  From the very moment  of our birth we come in symbiotic relationship with microbes, they colonize our body internally and superficially.  This obviously includes our gut, upper respiratory system, as well as skin, intestinal, colon an digestive apparatus. Microbe like humidity, darkness, food reservoir, both aerobic and anaerobic atmosphere, and guess what mouth is the perfect niche. Inside our mouth they do survive, grow and reproduce, therefore they will be happily active,metabolizing and generating metabolic byproducts, which can be the root cause of most halitosis and bad breath hygiene problems.  But again, a combo formed by lack of knowledge and the microbe invisibility creates the perfect match to  make your life miserable. In this new blog you will receive vital information to deal with that shameful bad breath condition and get rid of it permanently, in natural way, declaring yourself fore ever "Bad Breath, (aka, Halitosis) No MORE
Next I will provide robust scientific, particularly microbiological and some environmental informative points of views of how to get free from many common human's bacteriosis and mycosis in a natural way.  Watch this Reality check Video!

Bad Breath Treatment is not always as easy as you may think. At this point in your life you're desperate to cure your bad breath, but are sick-and-tired of spending your hard-earned money on expensive mouth-washes, breath mints, and other dental products that simply don't work, then pay very close attention to the following: 40 years ago, government scientists at the National Institutes of Health made a simple, but very significant discovery: About 90% of all bad breath cases have a single cause, and, for people in this group, a specific combination of common ingredients can entirely eliminate the problem 96 times out of 100!.  No matter how hard you try is just the "Combo" (ignorance + microbe's invisibility), which,  as I had mentioned before, keep people far away from the natural healthy way of life.  So bad breath (uuh Mal aliento in latino community) is also as frequent than to any other community, but for people with high meat diet is a killer and unbearable situation.  

Not only bacteria or yeast microbe cause theses sense of gas producing while you are talking but their metabolic produces became toxic for the digestive system,  Many unrelated symptoms like, head age, bad breath, halitosis, are finally connected with specific people diet.  Lately, investigation had assigned most bad breath is  rooted during our physiological exhalation of food components in the bloodstream.

It well know that food is processed by digestive enzymes, generating complex molecules transported to the liver where they further processed and modified, then moved to the blood stream. Blood will transports metabolites to other parts of the body for use or disposal. Blood leaving the liver will passes through the lungs to pick up oxygen and give off carbon dioxide. Together with carbon dioxide go the odor chemicals.  By other hand, microbiologist suggest that nurturing good mouth bacterial microflora is the best strategy to fight the bad one, and all of this have do with healthy nutritional habits. In others words make happy the good one, therewith good food, and in exchange they will protects you against bad offensive odor creators. Some example (will be blogged soon), are millions of bacteria feasting on particles of food and tissue in our mouth. They are on the gum line, gram-positive species (a staining technique for microscopic evaluation=BLUE), which dominate dental plaque aka the living film of bacteria coating teeth. Here, Streptococcus mutans and other sugar-loving gram-positives produces acid by sugar fermentation contributing mainly to dissolve enamel but are not heavy producers of foul-smelling compounds. But anaeobicgram-negative bacteria—which have an extra cell wall layer and live mostly below the gum line where oxygen is limited, became the heavy malodor producer. Species like Porphyromonas gingivalis, Treponema denticola and Prevotella intermedia, inhabits in between gum's gaps  and tooth and in the mosh pit crevices of the tongue. So, if Food is not the ideal one scratch your tongue heavily.

Aerobic microenvironment promoters
Keeping bad microbes in check by good microbesmake you smile shine!
Later on in my next post I will present more healthy tips on how to deal with this and many other common illnesses.

KEEP healthy!

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